Lenas Star of Silver ("Bo")
2004 Sorrel Gelding
Quarter Horse
(15.3h, 1350 lbs)

Bo has been a part of our family since he was six years old. He is a big, pretty horse with a lot of size and substance and some fast gears to go with it. He is well made, and is about as fancy as you can find in a sorrel wrapper. Everywhere we go people ask us about this big, shapey guy! He is a grandson of Peppy San Badger and great grandson of Doc O’ Lena, and it shows in his natural athletic ability and agility. And, yes, he really is 15.3 and 1350 lbs! Size is his middle name, but it also comes with a ton of athleticism.

Bo has certainly done his fair share of work. He is one of Randy’s A-String geldings and has been for the last six years. From sorting and snubbing colts, roping and loading bulls in the pasture, gathering horses and cattle on pasture, packing gun-shooting cowboys during some wild rodeo acts, carrying flags, roping rodeo bulls and picking up countless bucking horses, he's proven himself time and time again as a classy, reliable gelding.

This guy has seen all of the sights and sounds you could put in front of one and has a resume the size of Texas. He’s a good using horse that sure looks pretty underneath you and is ready for the next phase of his life. No matter what, if you’re looking for something that is big, pretty and handy to take to task, he’s your guy.

Bo is a hard one for us to sell, and the only reason he is available is to make room for some up and coming young horses without having to keep him sitting at home. He is a special horse to us and we will be very picky about where he goes. He is fit, sound and ready to go, so give us a call!

See his full pedigree here.

Photos courtesy of: Impulse Photography, KB Photography, TJ Johnson Photography, Randy Owens, Ric Anderson Photos and Greg Westfall

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