SQH Rockies Starbuck ("Digger")
2007 Bay Gelding
(15.1h, 1200 lbs)

Stout, strong and pretty are the three adjectives I would use to describe this horse. This guy has all the right parts in all the right places and is that pretty bay dun color you often see in the Blackburn-bred horses (bay base but expresses the dun factor with tipped ears, a dorsal stripe and leg markings), so he sure stands out. He came to us without much education or experience, so he spent last summer up in Wyoming getting some wet saddle blankets with Zach Curran. Unfortunately, since that time he keeps getting pushed to the backburner and isn't getting the attention that he deserves, which is why he is for sale. We really think he's going to be something special, but with 10 others to keep going down the road, he is falling through the cracks. So, it's time for someone else to get the chance to make something of him!

Digger has a good foundation on him, he just needs an experienced horse person to finish him out in whatever direction they see fit. No buck that we've been able to find, even after months of time off. He is easy to be around, friendly, gets along with other horses (is at the bottom of the pecking order), is good for the farrier, and loads and hauls well. He's loping nice circles in the arena, picks up his leads easily, is hobble broke, and has had quality rides in rough country. He's tracked some cattle in and out of the arena, will sidepass to open/close gates, has been used to gather bucking horses, has been ridden in indoor and outdoor settings, and ponies easily.

The price is firm. We have more than this into him, and if we were able to use him more consistently, he'd easily be twice this much. But our loss is your gain. This is most definitely a high dollar gelding in the making! Please only inquire if you are an experienced horse person with the desire to take one and put the finishing touches on them the right way. We want to see him succeed!

See his full pedigree here.

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