Maxs Wrangler ("Drummer")
2006 Brown Gelding
APHA (15.1 hands, 1250 lbs)

We snagged this shapey seal brown gelding off of a large working ranch in Eastern Colorado where he was a member of their working horse remuda. He wasn't started until his five year old year, but his time under saddle since then had been well spent roping and doctoring cattle outside, calving, sorting, shipping and working the feedlot pens. Drummer knew what a hard days work was and he handled it with ease.

This fun guy had never seen the lights of town until we hauled him to his first rodeo, and he barely batted an eye. Since then he has quickly become a full time member of Randy's rodeo string, roping and dragging bulls, sorting horses and cattle, and picking up broncs. It has been fun to watch him come into his own and he is blossoming as a solid mount. He pulls hard and is strong at the horn, and has really started to find his gears and has surprised us with his top end speed. Drummer is a favorite one for the judges to use to flag the roping events simply because of his quiet nature, good handle, and smooth as silk trot. He has been used in countless opening acts from music blasting and intense light displays flying around while he's packing a gun-shooting rider, to dark houses with the only spotlight on him. He is starting to become a hot commodity at the rodeos, and Randy is having to fight everyone off so that he can at least have something left to pick up broncs on!

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Photos courtesy of: KB Photography, Impulse Photography, TJ Johnson Photography, Ric Anderson Photos and BQ Gauck Photography.

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