2004 Red Roan Gelding
Grade Quarter Horse
(15h, 1300 lbs)

Mack is the definition of a big things coming in small packages! This bright red roan gelding breaks the mold when it comes to bone, muscle, and sheer mass. He is the horse version of a tonka truck, which is exactly how he got his name - Mack Truck! Stout, square and full of shape, he is really a neat horse with a lot of talent.

Mack is a quick-footed horse that always rides with a purpose. He isn't the speediest guy, but has a lot of strength and power that is obvious when you're on his back. He's puppy dog gentle and literally one of the easiest horses to have around the place. Under saddle, he is all business and has a lot of heart and try to make up for his missing gears. He is also pretty fearless, and we haven’t been able to find much that will make him bat an eye. He is handy outside, travels out well, and is very sure-footed and confident with where he puts his feet. He treks through mud, snow, water and rough terrain with ease and rides out alone just fine. He is the ideal mountain horse and would be an extreme trail rider's dream!

Mack is not a hot head, but in the wrong hands, he could be. He is handy broke, with light sides and a responsive mouth. He likes to be in tune with his rider and prefers someone with soft hands that knows how to communicate with their seat and legs. He has zero buck, even with significant time off, and has always been the same, consistent guy. He has been used for all kinds of ranch work, including roping and doctoring, prowling pastures and sorting and loading trucks. He has been headed and heeled on in the past, and tracks cattle like the best of them and can work a rope in his sleep. He is also a finished and consistent rodeo pickup horse and has seen hundreds of bucking horses and traveled to countless rodeos, large and small. He is broke to a stock whip, has packed flags, been ridden by queens, and used in grand entries. He loads and hauls easily, gets along with other horses in tight quarters, and stands tied all day without any issue. He is up to date on on all dental, farrier and health care, and has literally never taken a lame step since we have owned him. He has been as solid as the day is long.

Mack is not an easy one for us to sell, but it is time for him to find his next adventure. This horse has given us a lot, and we will make sure that he goes to the right place. Contact us to learn more about Mack and if he may be a good fit for you and your needs. SOLD

Watch a video of Mack here.

Photos courtesy of: KB Photography, Impulse Photography, Randy Owens, Ric Andersen Photos and TJ Johnson Photography.

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