Dusted Blue
2002 Solid Black Gelding
(15.1h, 1200 lbs)

Nash is a registered paint, but besides a few small socks and a tiny star, you’ll be hard pressed to find any paint on him! He is pure muscle, has a ton of shape and is a really square made gelding. Big hipped, well-proportioned and pure black, he definitely is a looker. He has been used in all phases of ranch work and has spent some time in his past as a hazing horse. He is gritty, tough, and always ready to work. This guy sure can run and will absolutely root himself in the ground to hold any bull, cow or horse in place. Recently, he has spent the last year with us as a pickup horse, used in both the bareback and saddle bronc riding. His speed is his biggest asset, and he has never had an issue running to broncs to get the job done. We have also used him to prowl pastures, gather pairs, rope yearlings, drag hundreds of calves to the fire, pony horses, in grand entries as flag horse, and he's been ridden in parades. He has been hauled across the country and used in both tight, loud indoor performances and huge, wide-open outdoor arena settings. He hops in the trailer easily, hauls down the road without a fuss and will stand tied all day. He is also up to date on on all dental, farrier and health care.

This guy can be a higher intensity horse, and will need someone who has experience with this type of performance gelding. He has no buck to him and is not mindless at all, just has a big motor and can get hot in chaotic situations or with a chaotic rider. That being said, he is not a jigger or prancer and trots/lopes out on a loose rein, stands flat footed, and stays light. He is one of Kathryn's go-to horses to ride when she is home alone and has to work cows on her own. He lopes nice, pretty circles on a loose rein and can really stop. He doesn't like a heavy handed or impatient rider, but if the right person gave him a job, he’d sure take it. He will be hauled and used until sold.*SOLD*

See his papers here.

Watch a video of Nash here.

Photos courtesy of: Rob's Wildlife, LLC and Thomas C. Duncan

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