Zan Parr Tommy
2007 Bay Gelding
AQHA Gelding
(15.3h, 1150 lbs)
SOLD - Congratulations Sandy on your purchase of this fun gelding!

If you’re looking for a safe gelding that is a ton of fun, then Tommy is your guy! This 2007 AQHA gelding is in the prime of his life, and has a working man’s resume. Tommy has been used extensively for gathering pastures, weaning, pre-conditioning, sorting in the alley, and doctoring in both the feedlot and pasture. He is patient with a beginner roper, and has spent many hours behind the dummy and will drag a log or dummy all day. The vast majority of his roping experience has been on the ranch, but he has spent some time in the arena and is quiet in the box and tracks cattle well.

I have been around a lot of horses in my day, and have never been around one that is this sociable and eager for attention. He is the friendliest horse you will ever come across! He is very kind and gentle, but also has plenty of happy energy and responsiveness that an experienced rider would enjoy. He would excel in a home where he would receive a ton of attention, and is the type that can be used every day or sit for weeks and be the same. But, he definitely wants to be used! He is a character, has a ton of personality, and loves being the center of attention. You can always count on him to remind you that he is there and ready to go have some fun.

This horse could easily go a million different directions and continue to be successful. He will get up and move when you ask, but is generally more of a laid-back type of gelding. He gets excited and eager to work cattle and have a job, but is absolutey not a hot horse. You can go from running full speed to get around a group of cows headed in the wrong direction and come right back down to a walk behind them without any jigging or prancing. He will ride around two handed and collects up nicely and quietly and knows how to use his body, but is also easily ridden one-handed on a lose rein. The best way to describe him is happy, broke, full of life, and ready to have fun!

He is a grandson of Catalena Boy and great grandson of Zan Parr Bar, so his pedigree is stacked full of proven performance horses. Tommy sticks at 15.3 hands, 1150 lbs, has a medium build and great feet and bone and absolutely no soundness issues. Loads, hauls, ties, blankets, shoes, clips, etc., without any problems. He’s the real deal!

See his pedigree here.

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