Woodrow Sniper Leo
2008 Buckskin Gelding
Quarter Horse
(16h, 1300 lbs)

Woodrow is a big, stout gelding that came from our friend Tennessee Nix. Like a few others that have made their way into our string, Kathryn has had her eye on him, and when the opportunity came to try him out, we jumped at it.

We're constantly looking for bigger, stronger, faster horses, and this guy fits the bill. He has been used extensively on the ranch and in the feedyard and is absolutely the working class kind. Woodrow is the type of horse that pulls his confidence directly from his rider, which makes him a dedicated and loyal partner once he believes in you. He's flat footed and quiet in the arena, runs hard to broncs, and can handle himself against the toughest horses and bulls.

It also certainly doesn't hurt that he has four square corners and a ton of shape all wrapped in that pretty buckskin color, with enough hair to make Fabio jealous! Everywhere we go he is the horse people ask about. This guy is in the prime of his life, and we are proud of how he continues to grow and mature into a solid, reliable part of our string.

See his full pedigree here.

Photos courtesy of: Impulse Photography, TJ Johnson Photography and Greg Westfall

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